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Final Exam Review 6

Final Exam Review 6 - 6 Describe the various ways in...

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6. Describe the various ways in Aristotle's god relates to the world (i.e. as its un-moved mover, the necessary being and its ‘good’ or ‘the best’). What lines of reasoning led Aristotle to his extraordinary conclusion there must be an eternal, living, conscious, and continuously active mind which spends all its time thinking about itself as a thinking being. Un-moved mover The necessary being Its ‘good’ or ‘the best’ To begin with, substances: Substances are primary beings and are supposed to be perishable 3 substances: o 2 natural (perishable, primary beings, matter) o 1 unmoved Without matter Are not perishable, because time and (circular, local) motion are not The arguments: o 1. From eternal motion/change o 2. From impossibility and total contingency o 3. From evident design From the handout, general info: o 1. 2 things are eternal: motion and time Time: can’t conceive of an ‘end of time’ Motion: if time is a kind of motion / movement (like cosmo spheres) Time is eternal, motion is eternal Motion and time are not perishable, like other ordinary natural substances o 2. No ‘things’ without substance o 3. Eternal substance Moving continuously No ‘end of time’ can be conceived A concept of time ending would mean:
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|------era of time--------| |----------era of no more time-----------| The notion of time ceasing is paradoxical. For no more time would mean there would have to be a ‘time’ when there was no more ‘time’ and it would still be ‘time’ Handout re-visited: o I. The unmoved mover If there is no continuous motion, except that which is spatial/circular, the ‘ultimate heaven’ must be eternal. And since that which moves while itself
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