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Anth. 123 Notes

Anth. 123 Notes - Cross-Cultural Comparative Perspective...

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Cross-Cultural, Comparative Perspective Comparative Method - take a sample of many to inductively (from specific sources to form general conclusions about all of the same places) derive patterns of architecture. o Ethnography - the ethnographer, the studier, goes first hand to observe cultures and the way people live and then writes what he observes. (Black Elk Speaks) o Ethnology - the comparison of different cultures, or the study of how and why cultures differ. Ethnology can focus on one culture through time or several cultures at the same time. Case Study Method Interpretation o Form/Design o Function/Use o Meaning Indigenous/ anthropological Cross Cultural Study of Dwellings o Relevant Buildings (refer to study guides) o Materials- sedentary (permanent) or nomadic (temporary) Unprocessed- natural materials- cedar poles, stones, etc. Processed- where bricks were made by putting them in a kiln, skins o Construction Process Who builds it and how it was built
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