Stupa 5

Stupa 5 - still the 6 directions that it goes to. Imagine...

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Pradakshina Patha This is the Hindu idea of circumambulating the structure by keeping the right hand and side of the body always facing the venerated center of the stupa in a clockwise motion. That is why there are two sets of stairs at Stupa I (to the south) and Stupa III. One is suppose to approach the Stupa as if it was Buddha. This and the pradakshina is the behavior of veneration. In Stupa I and III there is a vertical and horizontal ascent and descent. In Stupa II, there is only horizontal movement. Stupa Form and Meaning Yatsi and Chatras (Axis Mundi), mandala Harmika Dome (Anda- egg, bowl, cosmos) Circular Base (connecting the dome and the square base) Square Base This all relates to Anthropomorphism. Stupas are physical mandalas that are based on various combinations of circles, squares and triangles and they emphasize the center. When you look at a mandala, it is flat but you can
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Unformatted text preview: still the 6 directions that it goes to. Imagine picking it up from the center. It will form a hemisphere. Questions 1. What is a stupa? Older stupas were above burial mounds made of dirt that covered bones and ashes of Buddha but now some stupas, such as 1, 2, and 3, have been covered by stone slabs or adobes to form a hemisphere over the original stupa. The original stupas were about 1/3 to smaller. The stupas are completely filled with dirt. The supportive rectangular base was not added until later to other Stupas. 2. What are the dates, primary features, construction materials and dimensions of the stupas? Refer to the notes. 3. What are the basic physical forms, functions and uses of the stupa? Refer to the notes. 4. What spatial directions and numbers are important to the stupa? Refer to the notes....
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Stupa 5 - still the 6 directions that it goes to. Imagine...

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