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Stupa 7 - form a supporting bracket 8 Graduated Sancitity...

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Architectural Terms 1. Adobe- this is a brick made by earth and straw that has been dried up. 2. Alignment- this refers to the way that the stupas are made and how each element is respective towards the whole structure. There are gates at certain directions. The four cardinal directions as well as up and down. 3. Anthropomorphism - the attribution of a human form, human characteristics, or human behavior to nonhuman things such as deities in mythology and animals in children’s stories. 4. Balustrade - these are the stone railings that act to guard, enclose, isolate and separate the outside from the inside. 5. Centering- refer to the center of the stupas- the yatsi, harmika, etc. Emphasizes architecturally the physicality of a structure ad the way in which one moves around it. 6. Circumambulation- the act of walking around the stupa in a clockwise manner. 7. Corbelling- to lay stones or bricks in layers so that each juts out above the one below to
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Unformatted text preview: form a supporting bracket. 8. Graduated Sancitity- this refers to the approach in a particular way. Ex. In Stupa 1, there are little post that mark the path and may get closer to each other to closer you are the Stupa. 9. Hemisphere 10. Homology- refers to similarities in common ancestry . 11. Isomorphism- refers to similarities in different ancestors . 12. Plinth- these are stone foundation walls that are Sanchi. 13. Reliquary- a container or shrine (the stupas) where relics are kept. Stupa 2 and 3 have relics; Stupa 1 does not. NOTE: This outline is composed of my notes taken from lectures by Professor Norris Johnson, material from the course pack, pictures from the course website and from the internet and from dictionaries. I am not claiming that this information is all from my own knowledge and I am not taking credit for all of the information provided....
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