Synagogues and Mosques

Synagogues and Mosques - Synagogues and Mosques Early...

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Synagogues and Mosques Early Jewish Architecture The Ark is also called the Tevah or Aron of the Covenant or Moses. Tabernacle Synagogue: Macro/Micro- the interrelationship between Nature and buildings. These three items, show a type of process. In 1250 BC, Moses was born in Egypt and killed an Egyptian guard who was abusing another person. This leads to his exile and he and his followers make their way to Mt. Sinai. Here a couple things happen. Hierophany - this is when the deity comes down and becomes sacred. Immanence - this is when the deity is present. Contagion - when the deity comes in contact with something (in this case, it is the 2 stone tablets- now we can be in contact with the deity even though it really is not there physically)(where sanctification spreads). And Transcendence - when the deity departs. The Two Tablets of Stone are what was touched and this is the Law of Moses. They were given the name The Pentitude, meaning the first five books in the Bible. For Jews, it is the first five of the Torah. Ark of the Covenant o It is made of acacia wood and is about 3.25’ by 2.5’. and is overlaid with gold. o There were two golden cherubs , or angels on top of the Ark where the deity could come down and “sit’ with the people. This is the mercy seat. Moses put the tablets inside the Ark and the deity said he would come down and participate with the people. It was carried around with 2 large poles. o Always an eternal light.
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The Tabernacle o This is the meeting place for the people and the deity. It is a larger dwelling place for items that have been believed to be touched and that makes them holy. o
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Synagogues and Mosques - Synagogues and Mosques Early...

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