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2 Minoans and Mycenaeans

2 Minoans and Mycenaeans - Minoans and Mycenaeans 4000 BC...

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Minoans and Mycenaeans 4000 BC it starts- Indo-Europeans are called this because of the descendent language spoken in Europe. People began to spread out in all directions. People started going south to Greece in 2000 BC Early Bronze Age- 3000 BC to 2000 BC-tools and weapons are starting to be made of tin and bronze. Middle Bronze Age- 2000 BC to 1600 BC Late Bronze Age- 1600BC to 1100 BC- this leads into the Iron Age. When people went to Greece there was a culture that was already flourishing on the island of Crete. In northern Crete, Cnossus was an open Palace of Minos from 3000-1000BC inhabited by the Minoans. -This palace had trading stations, storerooms, archives, columns that were bigger at the top, legends of Minotaurs and bulls, frescoes, and a writing system. This writing system consisted of Linear A script - the most primitive it was and it still has not been deciphered. There is also a Linear B script - this is the older one and is a version of Greek. The Greeks traded with the Minoans and
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