4 The Trojan War and Epic Poetry

4 The Trojan War and Epic Poetry - • At Troy there are 9...

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The Trojan War and Epic Poetry Homer wrote epics that portrayed the life and culture of real events of the greeks. He spoke about the Bronze (Heroic) Age 500 years after it ended. When we talk about Troy and the Trojan War, we talk about Troy 6. It use to be that the coastline near Troy came in and formed a bit of peninsula. Troy was inhabited from about 3000 BC to the end of the Bronze Age, about 1000BC.
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Unformatted text preview: • At Troy, there are 9 layers that are “stacked” right on top of each other. • Troy 6 was built in the middle of the Bronze Age (1800BC – 1300BC). • Troy 8 use to be called Illion by the Greeks but were later taken over by the Roman Emperor under the rule of Julius Caesar. This became Troy 9. • It was a fortifies place and similar to Mycenea. • About 750 BC the oral tradition ended....
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