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7 Poetry in the Lyric Age of Greece

7 Poetry in the Lyric Age of Greece - Everything is quoted...

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Poetry in the Lyric Age of Greece “The Individual’s Voice” 750BC- the alphabet is introduced 700BC- Homer (Homeros) 600BC- Sappho (girl) and Alcaeus (guy) Elegiac- Tyrtaeus, and Theognis Iambic o Archilochus- these guys wrote in the Iambic and Elegaic. (Central Aegean, Thasos- colonization) o Solon Lyric- Sappho, Alcaeus, Pindar Use lyric poetry for short poems written by people when a lyre was used. This was a form of entertainment and sometimes sung. Epics gradually started to decline and were no longer a premium because people can now write. So, now for the next two centuries (700-500), it went to smaller poems and writings on stones. Most is fragmentary. Theognis is the only one to continue in a complete manuscript.
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Unformatted text preview: Everything is quoted by later poets. • Iambic- standard dialogue meter of Greek drama-spoken poetry. • Elegiac- nearly the same as Homeric in written in 2 line stanzas. • 600-500BC is the lyric age. • Sappho and Archilochos- they are different in Homer because they talk about themselves. Drastically different. Look in course pack at the poems because you have written notes in them. Epic Poetry Lyric Poetry-about a hero- stories of his adventures-community-age of colonization-about certain individuals-warfare- Sparta, phalanx-more about the success of people-Values change- think about themselves when writing....
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