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Religion and Athletics: The Games at Olympia The Olympic Games started in 776 BC and lasted until the fourth century AD- this was the Greek way of completing the games. Where the stadium was, on the Hill of Kronos (Zeus’ Father) it was higher up than the Alpheus River which was located in the valley below. It flows year round and it made the area very fertile. The Sanctuary and games attracted everybody from all places even though it first started off as a single foot race. The architecture was not that impressive o Hera- wife of Zeus, had the earliest temple in the 7 th cent on the Hill of Kronos. A staple in the architecture was Doric style columns- these had a circular ‘pillow’ at the top. o Zeus- his temple was about 150 yards south of Hera’s (5 th Century). o In between the two temples, there is a sacred area, an altar,that contains ashes of sacrificial dedications and minature animals and people. Pausanias- wrote a guidebook for Greece in 200 Ad and this is very helpful for a
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