13 Rise to Power in Athens and Sparta

13 Rise to Power in Athens and Sparta - Rise to Power in...

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Peisistratos- the career of a ‘tytant’ (tyrannos in Greek) The Reforms of Kleisthenes: Athens on the road to democratica Athens c. 630 BC o Kylon and the failed coup o Drakon and the written laws 594/593 BC o Solon 546 BC o Peisistratos 527-510 BC o Hippias 508/057 BC o Kleisthenes 7 th Century BC- Athens and Attica (the peninsula and surrounding area) o Athens became pretty powerful because it was one of the largest poleis because it was so much larger. Kylon(630 BC) o He attempted to gain sole power by illegitimate means, which makes him a tyrannical ruler, however this is not the same as what we say today. o He tried to get the polis and he did but he did not have enough h people to keep it so he was captured and then executed. o He tried to exploit civil unrest. Drakon(630 BC) o Because of Kylon, the aristocrats needed a written set of laws to control the polis. Drako did this. Everything is very fragmented but we do have the criminal law part. They were very fierce punishments. Solon(594/593 BC) o He was the sole archon for this year and he was given the power to revise the laws. Archon- these were rulers, or people in charge, who were chosen from old aristocracies to hear cases and decide who to summon. They created an Assembly and after they retired, there was often a group of archons who would be like an advisory board and they met on the Hill of Aeres and called Aeropagos. o
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13 Rise to Power in Athens and Sparta - Rise to Power in...

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