15 The Persian Wars

15 The Persian Wars - Danger from the east: The Persian...

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Danger from the east: The Persian Wars Revolt in Ionia, Athenian aid to rebels, the Persians invade Greece, Marathon King of Lydia, Croesus, capital of Sardis, looked at Athens and Sparta for allies because he wanted to attack Cyrus, a Persian king because he had too much power. 546 BC- Sardis fell by Cyrus the Great, who seized power of the Indo-Europeans at Medes. 539 BC- Babylon fell to Cyrus. His son, Cambyses, tried to continue his conquest into Egypt and set up satraps, which is where people of Persia became governors of conquered areas. Darius, son was elected as king after a failed overthrow and he expanded into Europe in 514BC -Cythia. After the fall of Croesus, Greek cities on the coast of Asia Minor became to the demands of the Persian Empire. In 499 a League was formed, this was the Ionians who fought back but this revolt ended shortly thereafter; Myletus:Naval Battle and won by Persians in 494 During the revolt, the Ionians asked for help and Athens sent 20 ships and Eritrea sent 5 ships and they did not fight in the battle but the crew was at Sardis and they burned the city of Sardis and Darius got mad and wanted revenge on Athens. He sent 2 large scale attempts to revenge to add more land to his empire. 492 BC- The first attempt failed because they were sailing along the coast, along with the army on the land because it was safer. They came to Mt. Athos and a big storm destroyed most of the fleet. They secured posts along the post as they went. 490 BC- The second attempt did actually happen.
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15 The Persian Wars - Danger from the east: The Persian...

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