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16 Athenian Noon 1

16 Athenian Noon 1 - Athenian Noon(I The Age of Perikles...

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Athenian Noon (I)- The Age of Perikles The Fall of Athens- the Battle @ Salamis (A & L 67-70) Aeschylus’ memorial tragedy- The Persians Theatre at Dionysus, god of drama, is located in the sanctuary of Dionysus. What we see is the final phase of construction- there are stone/wooden seats, a stone platform, etc. It was originally just beaten earth. In 472 BC, when the Persians was produced. Actors came in from the sides instead of exiting at the back. The theatre included a semi-circular retaining wall to prevent it from eroding away because of the water coming down the acropolis. Aristotle dived a play into 4 different parts o Parodos- Chorus’ entrance- a sing o Episode- scene between choral songs o Stasimon- choral songs between episodes o Exodus- everything after the stasimon Thespis was one of the first patrons of actors. o He was a part of the chorus but he stepped aside of the chorus and took the role of the main characters.
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