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19 Summary of 5th Century Greece

19 Summary of 5th Century Greece - had no chance of...

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Summary of 5 th Century Greece Persian Wars end in 479 BC @ Platia in Boetia. Miltiades (Marathon, helmet dedicated to him for winning at Marathon was found at Olympia), Theistokles (Salamis), Kimon- power after T, son of M, Pericles… all athenians Delian League - protection from the Persians (479-478) o Included Samos, Lesbos, Chios, Delos and Cyclades It said that the bigger polis would give ships and the smaller would give money. All the money was kept at Delos and it was completely sacred and open to the Greeks. So the treasury was built and since all the ships were coming, the islands who were giving them were being disarmed., so now they
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Unformatted text preview: had no chance of controlling. Then in 454, they bring the money to Athens and Pericles uses it for his construction. This shows the power Athens is gaining because they have all the money and all the ships. No one can compete with them. • Peace at Kallias- this was a treaty of peace between the greeks and the Persians. In 449. o Because of this, the Athenians know there is no threat, so they can rebuild. This down plays the Delian League because since there is no threat, city-states stop paying and now the Path of Platia is not in effect because Athen needs to look like a powerful city, so they do rebuild....
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