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22 Summary of Philosophy and Medicine

22 Summary of Philosophy and Medicine - small see if you...

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Recitation 11-2-05 Greek Philosopher and reek Medicine When and where did he live (if we know)? What question did he ask? What was his answer? Why or why not was this so shocking and interesting/subversive to the Greek world order? Pretend that you are explaining this thoiry or idea to someone today that knows nothing about the Greek world: from your class notes and readings explain this thinkers’ ideas to the class in a different way. Draw diagrams, use modern and different examples, or anything else that will help you understand. If what we know of the person’s thoughts is
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Unformatted text preview: small, see if you can understand or hypothesize what he may have meant from the little we know. Be a sophist. http://www.iep.utm.edu/ 1. Anaxigoras 2. Anaximander a. Miletus, 546 BC b. What is the world made of? c. Made out of an indeterminant substance and it would change into everything else- cold, wet, hot dry and those things would combine to form things. Surrounded by 3 rings- the last being fire. 3. Anaximenes 4. Parmenides 5. Empedokles 6. Hippokrates 7. Thales- 585 BC, Miletus, everything is made of water...
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