23 The theatre of Dionysos

23 The theatre of Dionysos - o Human history is seen as a...

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The theatre of Dionysos- human existence under a microscope From last time… o Ground breaking ideas o Protagoras Dodging theory of religious belief because it would alienate some of his students. Commissioned to make a law code for a new colony- Siltiels? o Prodikos- Laos Things humans depend on personified a long time agie Gave honor to those things o Kritias Tragedy (410-400) Only play where author created thoughts and characters Surprised people Gods were a fictional creation- someone decided that they needed to be incorporated in their . o Most sophists believed culture/civilization developed gradually over time by a process of forced cooperation and anthropological development
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Unformatted text preview: o Human history is seen as a gradual collection of knowledge. They like democracy- persuasion. • Theatre at Dionysis (refer to A and L and coursepack) o For the god, Dionysis o 3 days of plays- 3 normal and one satire for the Festival. o 490/480 BC it was created o Thespis- one actor 534 BC. Aeschylus 2 actors and Sophocles- 3 actors o Retaining wall are the remains. o Epidauros- 4 th century BC, orchestra is less big because chorus is smaller o “Net Draggers” papyrus fragment of Aeschylus-oldest o Oldest complete copy, 11 th century manuscript of Aristophanes (11 have survived) The Frogs...
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