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24 Sophoclean tragedy

24 Sophoclean tragedy - Sophoclean tragedy what does a...

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Sophoclean tragedy; what does a person owe his country, his comrades, his gods, himself? 410,409- Sophocles writes plays for festival at Dionysos- one time deal, in a time of war. At the festival, there were 3 playwrights (this means they sat through 9 plays plus the three satyrs) and then a Satyr had a more comical and lighter feel. Dionysos invites the people to join the spirit of the god of drama . 468- first production of plays 431-404BC- Peloponnesian War “Philocetes”- first experience of the adult world and is fought over by two role models- Odysseus and Philocetes (Neoptolemus) o Do we have to stretch our character or morality? Refer back to the title of these notes. Everyone could relate at this times. British in the 17 th century tried to make a formula of how greek plays were written. They were completely misleading. You just need to read the play. Read it with no preconceptions. At the beginning, two men are on the stage and talk to each other in an informative entrance. Meanwhile, people are watching from the theatron. This is a different Odysseus. He explains to Neoptolemus, Prince of Scyrus, that they have been told by Helenus that troy would never fall with out his help and Philocetes, who has the bow of Heracles. Philocetes was marooned on Lemnos by Odysseus and the Atriade (Ageamemnon and Menelaeus). They could try persuasion but it will not work because they left him while he was asleep, or force, but it is not a good idea because has the bow of Heracles and what remains is deceit. And that what N’s
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