25 Sokrates the gadfly

25 Sokrates the gadfly - This was a joke and he finally...

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Sokrates the gadfly And what really is the ‘Socratic method’ 469 BC- lives in Athens, father was a stone cutter and he learned the trade too. He did not charge his students, no shoes, simple cloak, not rich- a man of the people His influence on others and Plato, his most famous student, was his best thing. Plato used Sokrates most of the time. Socrates was accused of corrupting the youth and convicted and the death sentence was demanded- he had to drink poison. He could propose a penalty and he said he wanted lifetime meals at the same place that Olympians won.
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Unformatted text preview: This was a joke and he finally said a substantial plan. Would question people about peity, bravery justice, good and other moral qualities etc to the point where they could not explain there morality anymore. Kyraphone (friend)- there is no one wiser than Socrates (from Oracle) and told Soc. Socrates felt it could not be a lie the only sense it could be taken as true in that he was wiser than anyone that he really did not know much. Platos First Book, first recreation of Socrates- The Republic. Very confusing and Q and A format....
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