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27 Aristophanes Lysistrata

27 Aristophanes Lysistrata - Aristophanes Lysistrata...

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Aristophanes’ Lysistrata Akharnians 425 (Dikaiopolis- a poor farmer, wants end of the war for himself) o 14 years earlier Than L- War with sparta for 6 years o Wants to negotiate a peace treaty just for himself because no one wants peace. He makes one of the guys his ambassador for Sparta. 3 jars of peace- 5 year, 10 year, 30 year- satisfied o Many people want some of that peace but he only gives a bride one drop Peace 421 (Trygaios)- celebration of the real peace between Athens and Sparta o Funniest opening scenes- they’ve been ordered to fatten up an enormous dung beetle so it can carry T to the sky to rescue the goddess Peace from the war god. o One of the four instances where a character is suppose to be flying- the dung beetle with T on top. o One person is determined to live in peace ends up succeeding. Aristophanes uses this often. Lysistrata 411 Ecclesiazusae 392 11 comedies survive of Aristophanes- Frogs, Clouds, Birds, Lysistrata is the most read and performed. The courseness of the play- straight forward language, sex, this shows progress that we can translate exactly what he really wrote. Different than the Victorian times. Even though we can speak frankly about sex, that does not make us smarter about it.
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