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28 Background to the war

28 Background to the war - o He is the first to look...

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Background to the war: Athenian Imperialism, Spartan Suspicions Thucydides’ idea on how to record war Writing a full scale prose work to present all evidence he can for a great war, like Herodatus. Imitating Homer- great conflict. Alcibiades Exiled from Athens so he was able to observe both sides why it was happening. He does not call upon the muse like Homer to remember the story, he has an assumption is that human experience are law governed and all the laws are the same. He argues this point. He got this from the sophists. Says there are general laws o Human societies have developed simpler to complex, poor to wealthy, scattered to unscattered. o Natural and universal desire to be anxious for security and they try to get military power and fortification. o Neighbors fight for scarce resources. o Real power is military power which depends on economic success.
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Unformatted text preview: o He is the first to look squarely at the economic power of the two sides. • Influenced by Antiphone the sophists, the prose guy • What he says about himself and method? o He wants his audience to know his goals and methods. o The end of chapter 22- no mythology, no Herodatus, this is a possession for always. He is not writing to enter and win a contest. He assumes this can be used in the future because remember that he says that the laws will remain forever. • Lets make no assumptions but over the symptoms over time- this is the idea that Thucydides uses, like the Hippocratic physicians. Unlike Herodatus, T uses a narrative structure and it starts from the beginning and goes to the end. • He writes it by successive campaigning seasons- the summer is mostly war and the winter is for negotiations and for preparation for the next summer....
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