30 Athens Overreaches

30 Athens Overreaches - a siege wall and if you can...

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Athens Overreaches; the defeat at Sicily Where can you see the influence of this writer? o Not a lot of opinion o Pursuit of excellence o Respected nicias 415 BC- Athenians dispatched to Sicily (Syracause) o Nicias said no- need more supplies o Athenians wanted to go and sent 100 ships o Athenians went for allies (Suggesta vs Silinas for a while) o Restore city of lantine o Ortygia- 715 BC- overthrew last archaic tyrant- this became syracuse o We do not know exactly where the walls that surround it go o Sailed into Great Harbor and set up shore there. o Most attackable part of the city was the northern edgae because it was right against the mesa. If u were on the meso, it was closer to the top of the walls. But they had to get up on there first. Athenians tried to surprise them at night (the night battle) o The basic Athenian tactic is to build their own wall,
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Unformatted text preview: a siege wall, and if you can completely seal of the city, you can force it to surrender. o The Syracuse’s is to build counter walls that go straight out. The first 2 did not work. The third did-stopped progress of Athenian siege wall. o The first failure was the Athenians could not finish the siege wall. The second- they gradually lost their dominance at sea. The Syracauseans beat them. Because they were a naval power as well. Athenians try to get out of the harbor to retreat but The s’s form a chain of ships across the entrance to the harbor. Nicias see eclipse, waits 27 days but get attacked before then. Then they try to go up Anapus river but it was blocked and so they went south until Assinarus River. o Gulepos of Sparta gets into city just in time....
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