31 Daily Life in Athens

31 Daily Life in - • young girls learned to read and write at home but rarely they stayed home and did all the domestic work • A male after

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Daily Life in Athens Refer to A and L Lithicis’ speech studies thoroughly because of the Greek prose and language; a model of how Greek should be spoken They are not always telling the truth but it is always convincing. You can learn a lot by studying and listening to delivered speeches. 2 sides of a drinking cup (kylix), painted pictures on the outside o There is a school scene that shows us what boys are doing during school time o Used coax tablets (old fashioned book with hinges), heat to use again o When reciting, stand in front of the teacher, student playing double flute and there is a mouthpiece attached and a leather strap around the neck; lyre, another with paper roll (book) o There is a slave that follows the boy around went to gym and learned to play instruments
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Unformatted text preview: • young girls learned to read and write at home but rarely- they stayed home and did all the domestic work. • A male, after school, would go to the farm and if they did not have a farm they would go get shoes made –they would go to their specialized jobs • Walls from Athens to Pireaus with walls around the city (wide enough for 2 carriages to go through) • Adult males in public: attend festival, stone cutters, work on buildings, market place is nt that organized • Buildings for boule (bouleenion) – know them from the book • Fountains, statue line for announcements • Juries and get paid; men can not take part in everything like they use to- now they are specialized- they do better and take more care i.e. shoes, pottery etc....
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