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34 Aristotle on his career and ideas

34 Aristotle on his career and ideas - Aristotle his career...

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Aristotle: his career and his interests and some of his leading ideas (quiz does not include metaphysics nor the final exam-only ethicss) All humans desire to know by their nature. Lowest level of philosophical thinking Aristotle’s Ethics is the most influential book. His study was everything in the world. Greatest example how a student can honor teacher even though disagreeing- teacher was plato. 384 BC- Staeira- father name was Niochemus as well as his son. Father was a court guy. 367 BC- was sent off to Athens fro higher education and studied and taught there for 20 years. 347 BC- Plato died. Passed over for the headship of the Academy after Plato died but Aristotle had close Macedonian ties which was not good at the time and he was a foreigner. Plato made his nephew, sister’s son, head so he left. Hermias in Lesbos and then to Mytilene. o Lesbos has lagoons so Aristotle worked on scientific subjects and sea life 343 BC-Pelo- capital of Macedon, he was invited to serve as personal tutor for Alexander, Phillips II son.
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