37 Philosophy and Science after Alexander the Great

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Philosophy and Science after Alexander the Great -The philosophical schools;Epicurus’ schools -Greek contributions to Mathematics Greeks advanced in mathematics greatly, especially in geometry. A lot of advances from Thales to Aristotle. o In the third and second millennium BC, there were scripts to instruct people how to do math. o Mesopotamia-Checking the markers by using a math after the Nile flooded. They had no zero and only did fractions with a numerator as 1. The purposes for witch scribes were to use them in practical ways. Count in 60s. o Pythagorean Theorem- they only used specific numbers. o Kept specific records for celestial stuff for thousands of years- this was like their Delphic Oracle- wanting to know more. Greeks were not as specific. After this, they tended to go too far in relating numbers in the world around us. o May 28, 585 BC philosophy began- Thales.of Miletos- predicted eclipse. First mathematician and philosopher o We can extract the laws in which the world works. (physics)
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