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First Exam 1. Which of the following is the last line in The Iliad? a. Such was their burial of Hektor, Breaker of Horses 2. Fire is a recurring theme in the Iliad from the pyres and the fire that burns the bodies through the last book to “light” up the action. All of the following are examples from the Iliad EXCEPT which one: a. Sarpedon was engulfed by flames. Not true because he was carried by sleep and death. 3. Vines grow around the mast and the sail. Wine bubbles from the deck, and Dionysus changes a lion and makes a bear appear on the ship. These are all three right except the ocean turns the color of wine- we have seen this many times before. The ocean was already the color of wine. This is what Greeks said because they thought in the intensity of color. Ex light green, yellow, green, light green. Dark purple and reds like wine
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Unformatted text preview: included the color of deep blue. 4. a. binary opposites, two poles: structuralism, Strauss b. in illo tempore (catch phrase)- creative era, Eliade c. archetypes, Jung-psychoanalysis 5. Deals with the complex reading that you have to deal with and analyze. This class teaches you how to break it apart. Things that are in this section were talked about and these are the things you should know. Hades Is her father and he is the king Demeter is not angry with helios Make him immortal (Keleos) Spends one thirs below the earth Athena-war and craft Hestia- hearth Animals came to her She doesn’t tell him who she was Son is not Ajax, Aineus Tried to rape her, not murder her Not the medusa Does not refuse Melagre is not killed by mother- not killed at all Mother kills him in the myth outside iliad, not uncles...
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