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In Book Five of the Iliad, especially in approximately the first two hundred lines of the book, Homer starts to describe the actual fighting that occurs in the Trojan War by listing and describing the warriors and the warriors that were killed. One instance of this is as follows in line 76-78: “ Eurypylos, Euaimon’s son, killed the brilliant Hypsenor,/ son of the high-hearted Dolopion, he who was made Skamandros’/priest, and was honoured about the countryside as a god.” The effect of incorporating multiple characteristics in a few number of lines is significant for audience mainly because it shortens the gap between the present-day audience and narrator of the past events that had once happened. By hearing the soldiers’ names, fathers, and a characteristic about
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Unformatted text preview: them, the audience finally can relate to the warriors and it creates a relation where the audience can envision what it was like for their ancestors to take part in this war. Also, by hearing this song from the poet, the audience puts so much confidence and trust in what the poet is saying because he is the main person who knows how to tell the story and had the events of what actually happened. When people would listen to the song in the past, it is as if we were sitting in a classroom reading about the Civil War. There is a great amount of importance placed on the singer or writer of the song because he/she is the only person with information that we can believe and understand from the past....
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