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Journal 3 - the action of Diomedes The lion describes...

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In Book Ten, Diomedes and Odysseus have just encountered and captured a spy who was wondering around in their encampments. In fear, the spy told the two of magnificent horses and chariots that look as if they are for immortal beings and with this information, Odysseus and Diomedes go to find these horses and the people who are sleeping in three rows right next to their horses and start to kill them. In lines 485 and 486, Homer describes Diomedes action as this: “As a lion advancing on the helpless herds unshepherded/ of sheep or goat pounces upon them with wicked intention”. I absolutely become enthralled with this passage because of the way that Homer describes
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Unformatted text preview: the action of Diomedes. The lion describes Diomedes, strong, kinglike and quick. The “helpless herds” describes the soldiers who are sleeping next to their “sheep or goats. Diomedes, as the lion, “pounces upon them with wicked intention”. By making use of this comparison, the audience can become just as enthralled with this part of the story as I am and understand the emotions and intensity that is displayed during this small battle. Some of the audience, mostly the children, may have never encountered warfare before but since it is described to them as a lion hunting its prey, everyone will be likely to understand this scene so much more....
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