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Journal 5 - a few reasons First it denotes strength power...

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Throughout the Iliad, I have come to realize the great significance and importance of armor. One of the best and most significant instances of the use of armor is in Book 18, lines 466 to the end of the book. Thetis tells Hephaistos that he needs to make a new set of armor for Achilleus so he can fight in battle since Hektor has taken his. It is amazing to me that about 300 lines were taken just to explain how the armor was made and each and every detail that was included in the shield. When Homer described the process and the designs added to the armor, it is as if he wants to tell a whole story of life, maybe he even tries to sum up what life is by putting certain things on the shield. As I read this passage, the shield becomes the main focus on it and of the soldier who wears it. I suspect that the shield is the most important piece for the soldier for
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Unformatted text preview: a few reasons. First, it denotes strength, power, and confidence. This piece of armor is the main defense against spears and swords. Without the shield, the soldier is already dead and has no chance of survival. Secondly, the designs on the shield show a multitude of observations, stories and thoughts. I think that the designs that were placed on Achilles’ new shield involved a lot of events that happened in his life or things that he has seen while fighting. It is a summary of life like I said before. It shows that not only do soldiers and heroes get wounded and affected by the war, but everything does from animals to humans. The armor, especially the shield, is essential in the story and in battle....
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