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Throughout the poem, similes play a role that is unmatched in the modern world. Homer uses similes to relate the world of the poem to the world of the poet, which is he. Nature is used quite often as the topic of the similes, especially with animals. In Book 22, lines 25-31, I came across a different simile that did not include animals; rather it included the celestial part of the world. I found this very interesting because it describes Achilleus by using the most magnificent and one of the most beautiful things within the world, the star named Orion’s Dog. This start is the brightest shining start that everyone to see but is also the sign of pure evil for mortals, just as Achilles is the sign of evil for Hektor and all the Trojans. This strikes me as significant because Homer uses a paradox here to describe a hero in the story. Achilles stands out in all aspects of his life, not just as a warrior; however, Homers isolates the fact that he is such a fierce warrior because of the context of the poem and the situation that is foreshadowed: the death of Hektor. Also, in the first line, it says that Priam was the first to see Achilles sweep across the land
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