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I was intrigued by the article written by Bronislaw Malinowski. His process of completely bantering other classicists and anthropologists added a real emphasis on how everyone else tried to reduce a myth too much and his view was the one that made the most sense and could be applied to all myths. Within this article, I find the underlying cause of all the discrepancies is the literary form of myths. I feel like that I can really put myself in Ancient Greece and understand how the oral myth influenced everything and everyone in the classical time. I find that with the written forms of myths comes a destruction of them just as the subject of riddles was described in class. When someone studies myth, an ethnological approach that Malinowski undertook is the absolute best way to understand the roles myth played within every single part of daily life. Once they were written, people tried to ascribe them to one certain
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Unformatted text preview: category. My interpretation of how myth was used in daily life includes their role as entertainment, knowledge of peoples ancestors and of the past, daily routine, ritualistic purposes, respect to gods and the defining of ones character. The true meaning of myth is lost when it is not displayed in its original form. This is even true for the present times. If one were to read one of Ralph Waldo Emersons speeches instead of hearing it, the meaning is lost. In effect, the application of it is also lost just as myth loses its meaning and significance to the people. Oratory is the one way that can reach an audience the most, just as in Ancient times. The effect of hearing a myth in person creates an exhilarating feeling for the listener and affects every part of their life because it creates emotion....
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