Journal 11

Journal 11 - Hesdiods Works and Days began rather aimlessly...

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Hesdiod’s Works and Days began rather aimlessly, if I may say so, and not until I read further into the story did I understand it as a whole. As I continued to read the story and near the end, I continued to question what this resembles in modern times. The more I read, the more I was able to piece together elements that were similar to that of something in today’s society. Works and Days , to me, closely resembled the format and structure of a Farmer’s Almanac. This stuck me as quite odd and it may even do the same for you, Mr. Carlisle, as you read this. As I really thought about how they resemble each other, I find that they are the same in almost every way. I would like to start my discussion after the five tribes of men were explained. Hesiod begins to speak of the working man and how this is vital to the health and wealth of men, society and the family. Gods will see the working man as prosperous and knowledgeable and will help them in their deeds. The point of a Farmer’s Almanac is to help the working man, usually the
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