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Journal 13 - In this journal I would like to examine the...

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In this journal, I would like to examine the contrast between Alcestis and Medea in the two tragedies that we have just read and the circumstances surrounding their actions within each of the plays. One question that plagues my thought on these two plays is how the roles and characterizations of the two women are extremes of each other even though they were written by the same author? The first main difference that I find is that Euripedes makes Medea is a vengeful and barbaric woman filled with hatred for the actions of her husband and throughout the play her personality is brought to the forefront in her dialogue with Jason, especially, and other characters in the play. She has been wronged by Jason and expresses this to everyone throughout the play. In contrast, Alcestis, who is in a way wronged by her husband, stands by her husband, continues to love him as she is dying, and wishes she could be with then. In both
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