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In “Seven Against Thebes”, one particular scene caught my attention just like a similar scene did in “The Iliad”. This scene was when each of the seven men against Thebes were introduced by the scout and the man and his shield were described followed by the introduction of the men of Thebes who would fight these men at each of the seven gates. The fascinating point of this scene were the descriptions of the shields of the seven against Thebes which described that particular character followed by the salutations, with the shield placed high above the head and towards the god that was on the shield, by the men of Thebes. Without going into much description about the specifics of each of the shields, we can still determine how significant the armor and descriptions of shields were for the Greek society and the importance of the certain god placed on each. Aeschylus makes it a point to specifically tell about the figures on all the shields because to the audience, it explains the reasons behind a particular
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Unformatted text preview: warriors reason to fight because the seven against Thebes never speak during the play. It is essential that the audience has some way of knowing why each of the soldiers is fighting for but it also tells what the Theban soldiers are fighting against. For example, Parthenopaios has an image of the Sphinx on his shield- this is what the Theban soldiers do not want. On the shields for the fighters of Thebes, it is important to note that these are the same gods we encountered during The Iliad, another war-driven play. Just like in the Iliad and how the shield of Achilles describes the way of life (the world of the poet), in this play it does the same, except in this case, what it is describing is how people should act towards the gods and in society. For example, Polyphontes, killer of many, with his shield of Athena, has courage in battle and in life- this is what every Greek citizen should have too....
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