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For this entry, I would like to focus on the content included in the second set of strophes and antistrophes (331-375) of Antigone. This passage speaks of how the most wonderful thing of all is man- he is able to accomplish anything except for death itself. I really enjoyed reading these fifty lines because we, as a society, can directly relate to what was said. If someone was to write these in modern day, it would be conformed to our particular ways of life but in this description of man provided by Sophocles, it can be related to all men, or humans, in this world. The men that Sophocles spoke of are the same men that we are today. This tells us a couple of things. First, the Greeks were just as enthralled with their acts of being a man as we are today about our existence on earth. We feel that we can do anything, overcome anything, and fix anything and so on. For both cultures and throughout the world, death is the only thing that can not be beaten. The Greeks were proud of their culture, ways of life, accomplishments, and a
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