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I would like to take this idea brought about in our readings by Van Baaren that myth has to be flexible in order to adapt to new situations and challenges. I find this idea quite intriguing when we think of classical Greek myth and the mythical times that Ovid was writing in. A major similarity arises concerning the concept of flexibility when it is related to Ovid and when it is related to early mythical times in Ancient Greece. Even as a poet, such as Homer, recited The Iliad to his audience, he would change certain parts and structures of the poem to fit the audience who was listening. If we continue with this, Euripedes and Aeschylus wrote their plays in a way to entertain their audience, but most importantly they modified the myth as well as their characters, settings and dialogues within the play to conform to the audience observing the play. The goal of the poets and the playwrights were to invoke certain emotions in response to events
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Unformatted text preview: that were occurring during particular time periods and to provide a radical way of thinking about the certain societal situations that were being conducted around them. The only way for this to happen is to utilize the utmost important characteristic of myths- their flexibility. As we travel closer to the time of Ovid, the written myths now take on a whole new fashion which once again has to agree and form to the Romans reading and hearing his Metamorphoses. By writing myths down, their change occurs mainly in the reader’s or listener’s interpretation of the myth which is analogous to the change of the myth itself. People will change the myth so they can understand and explain certain phenomena and experiences to each other and their children while still upholding the significance of the myth and what is trying to convey in the time of the Greeks and similarly in the time of Ovid....
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