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Journal 22

Journal 22 - injustice actions Human nature is dark and...

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As I neared the end of the readings, I realized something about Books X and XI. The more I read, the more I was thrown into these thickening plots of love, lust, revenge, fighting and most importantly with the metamorphoses of multiple beings. These myths that Ovid has put together really start to form the outline of what will soon be called a literary work. I say this because as the first six books have progressed they have become more interrelated, more intertwined plots with more aspects and characterizations within them, and I find a sense of heightening excitement to this continuation of myths. Now we must investigate how this is important and how it affects the later Greeks and the early Romans. In most societies, there is a notion about what is wrong and in our case it is the love, lust, revenge and fighting that is occurring. Once someone speaks or writes about all these injustices, the boundary is made a little larger and it will continue to be pushed the more a society enthralls itself in this evil and these
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Unformatted text preview: injustice actions. Human nature is dark and once Ovid starts to explain human nature and its origins in the context of his metamorphoses and in these “wrong” ways the people reading them become more and more comfortable with all the wrong and horrific acts that he describes and carve for more and far worse descriptions of the same in the future. This fact interests me so much because the instinctual gravitation towards these evil powers propels Ovid to write such graphic myths which further emphasizes the unconscious reach for immense evil. For the people in the time of Ovid, it shows a time of limitless description of injustices and evils that will be further furbished by the continuation of the Metamorphoses. By writing all these myths together in a collection where everything is related, find a connection with the origin of the people within the myth and themselves and see how all the evil has progressed in the stories just as it has in their society....
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Journal 22 - injustice actions Human nature is dark and...

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