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In today’s reading, I found the Metaphoric Reality article quite interesting and a continuation of an idea that has been reoccurring throughout the class period. We have discussed the use of similes in a lot of the readings, especially in The Iliad and The Metamorphoses of Ovid, as a way for the writer or story teller to relate to the events in their stories the people’s lives as well as stirring the emotions of the audience. Along with similes, metaphors have been present in all of our readings and are similar to similes but their role with the stories is changed for a different purpose. The main difference between the similes and metaphors that we have seen is as such: similes tell how something is like something else and metaphors describe that something is something else. The role of metaphors now is to show that something is something else; a metamorphosis (unrelated to Ovid here) that has occurred to change the context of certain descriptions and meanings. For example, in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, we are told of Odysseus’
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