December 1 Metamorphoses 15, Washington

December 1 Metamorphoses 15, Washington - you say Ovid’s...

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December 1 Metamorphoses 15 and Myth of Washington Literary theory- come up with a theory to explain what literature is. It is about the process of reading, not how it is reading. CS Lewis thought the real point of literature was not the plot but the words. “Reading is a way to get to what is being said, not the literary value.”-- People who read this way does not read books a second time. But if you read in a literary way, you read books over again. The literary way s when there is value outside what actually happened. You can look at a crummy depiction of myth but as long it faithfully depicted the myth, it would still have the same value as a masterpiece. Read for the sake of the writing (the literary way) not the content. Myth is extra literary- t exists outside its literary character. Thus the essence of the myth is its appeal(the medicine) and the literature use to tell it is the capsule (the pill). Would
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Unformatted text preview: you say Ovid’s treatment of a myth and Euripedes treatment of Medea remains the same and has the same significance despite its context? The significance is the same but the emotions are the same (one side). “Ex. I was late or I was late because I slept through my alarm. The main point is the same, you are late, adjectives do not change the story.” • If something is a myth, it has to be a subject of contemplation. If not, no one wants to read it or hear it again. The point of the myth is to remind you of certain characters and stories • Human Sympathy at a minimum. With Medea, are you sympathizing with Medea or the way that Euripedes characterizes her? It was not part of the myth. • Myth is fantastic. It deals with impossibilities and preternaturals. • Myth is sad or joyful but always grave. Comic myth is impossible. • The experience is awe-inspringing....
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