December 4 The Silence Principle and Metaphor

December 4 The Silence Principle and Metaphor - having a...

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December 4 - The Silence Principle and Metaphor “Sometimes Fairy Stories May Say Best What Is To Be Said”- By C.S. Lewis Why did he write the Chronicles of Narnia? This is what the essay explains. The mythical is available at all ages and some, none. It allows us to generalize without remaining concrete about whole classes of experiences and patterns At its best, myth can do more. It can add to life instead of just commenting on it. It is like
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Unformatted text preview: having a whole new experience. • Lewis tells us that myths are the new perspectives that we need for our life- thus this class is to fill a perspective. • It is like coming back from a foreign country. There are experiences that no one will understand that can change your life....
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