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November 3 Oresteia

November 3 Oresteia - Oresteia Orestes,Electra Director...

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Oresteia, Orestes,Electra. Director- Pier Paolo Pasolini African Orestes (modern day Africa) New Film Notes for a movie His own interpretation He goes to Africa to create his own version of Oresteia. Videos different people for the characters Cross the bank by a ferry with workers going to the market (very bare, sun shinign down, good and bad marets), the center place of Africa. Barbershop is where a lot of communication takes place. Schools and factories (women come out, some experiences and worn, some not) Elektra is hard to find- al Africans are gay-like, happy. Not vengeful Why?- recognized analogies between the two (furies to Eumenides, from tribe-like to modern) , discovery of democracy for Africans like discoveyr fo democracy in Eumenides Narrated in English and with English subtitles for segments spoken in Italian. Directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. This film is like a work in progress -- a cinematic essay about Pasolini's desire to
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