November 10 Metamorphoses 3 and 4

November 10 Metamorphoses 3 and 4 - November 10...

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November 10- Metamorphoses 3 and 4, Restructuring of myth Ovid had to restructure the Greek myths so they fit into a logical order. This ia always a metamorphoses from a myth to part of the poem. Sometimes, a god has to be created first tp make sense in the story. Example- cupid comes before the people have love. There are metamorphose with in seach story but how does Ovid change from one god or story or to the next. The main thing is is to look at the transgressions from one to another. Apollo and Daphna, Jupiter and Io Four ages Peacock stuff Phaethon gets a long section –Why is it so interesting to Ovid? Because he tries to put then into a scheme and Tis sotry fits into his many patterns that he wants. Somebody asks for something and the god sgives an oath before the person aslks what they want and the peron asks for something that is foolish. This is important for Ovid because humans do not know what it is like to be a god ansd the nature of the divinities. Like greek tragedy. Read the epitaph- he is a
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