November 13 Metamorphoses 5 and 6

November 13 Metamorphoses 5 and 6 - November 13...

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November 13 Metamorphoses 5 and 6 Snakes- considered immortal(shed skin), Tiresias changes by knocking mating snakes apart- how does this lead to him becoming a woman? And then a man? Actaeon-he breaks taboo- he sees something he shouldn’t see and as a result he gets transformed into a stag. In a lot of the cases, it is not the humans fault, it just happens. Semele- similar story,- she sees Jupiter in true form, a thunderbolt, he is blending stories together that are similar. Tiresias with substories. Narcissus- enthralled in himself, Echo- becomes echo, but also “I don’t care about my own feelings, only yours. Pentheus and Bacchus (Dionysus)- rewrite of Bacchide (play), he rejected something that should have been accepted Rewrite of Homeric Hymn to Dionysus- the sailors, pirates into fish P115- when she kills herself, the mulberry tree 1-white, 2-red,3- deep purple- stain u can not remove Heliotrope- flower, frankincense- faces the sun and turns towards sun
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