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November 27 Metamorphoses 11 and 12

November 27 Metamorphoses 11 and 12 - November...

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November 27 -Metamorphoses 11 and 12 Iliad is a very short span of time during the Trojan war, In order for something to be epic, there should be a simple plot that talks about one thing. Because he does not have a single plot, his whole poem does not have unity within the plot The epic cycle is composes of stories with single plots of the Trojan War (Iliad, Odyssey). The epic poems were sometimes designed to be put on scrolls. Maybe with extra lines to transition to to the next scroll. The epic cycle is the earliest form of what we know of the Trojan War. Could have existed from 800BC to 500AD. Cypria- first book of the epic cycle- to says that Zeus wanted to eliminate some people because there are too many on the earth. It begins with Gaia crying out (too many people) and Zeus hears Earth and talks to Themis who says to have a he war. Zeus’ plan includes Paris. At the marriage of Achilles and Thetis, a golden apple is throw into the marriage feast and Hera, Athena and Aphrodite fight and Paris chooses Aphrodite and goes to Sparta to claim prize that A gave to him, Helen, the most beautiful woman..
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