November1 Eumenides

November1 Eumenides - 1. Relief Sculpture c. 570 Bc...

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1. Relief Sculpture c. 570 Bc -Central scene- O kills C and Aegisthus is trying to sneak away (in the middle) The last act of supreme suffering. The killing of Aegisthus is not the last act because there is no relation between O and A. O has to kill the very person who brought him into this world. The figure in the background could be Electra, O’s sister. 2. Outline- shield strap- two metal bits- hold the shiled that is attached to the arm a scene of myth while marching into battle. Artist unknown Image left- C is stabbing Agamemnon (shameful to stab in back and to turn away) while Aegisthus is holding him up. Image right- O killing Aeisthus (not C-important) It’s a heroic act becaue he is avenging his father’s death. The artist is not meditating on the horror of killing mother but being strong enough to avenge fathers death. 3. Dokimasia Painter c. 460 BC Red figure vase (clay that forms color) and the dark outlines are glaze. Two scenes- death of Agamemno in a net and the death of Aegisthus. Counterbalance- crime and punishment. Focus when O is killing Aegisthus. More artistically complicated- As hand is trying to O’s chin and supplicate him. Cs hand is also reaching out to supplicate him-don’t kill me or him- she is running forward. A was playing the lyre and probably reciting poetry. Like In book 6,
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November1 Eumenides - 1. Relief Sculpture c. 570 Bc...

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