October 2 Prometheus

October 2 Prometheus - Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus...

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Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus Prometheus in course pack 1. Prometheus = Elbros. (p.138)- decoded riddle of Prometheus. Part of an ancient worldview of long ago that we don’t understand and that is why the story looks really weird. a. What have we done to the myth by saying this? Have we solved the problem? P is no longer a person but is an IT in our world. He is just a predictable force of nature but there is nothing predictable about a volcano. As soon as we talk about volcanoes in the sense of the myth, there are force that we don’t understand that can devastate humans without doing anything wrong. Example. Hurricane Katrina- everyone is affected and destroyed and yet there was cold scientific fact , a meteorological phenomena. In order to express it in terms of humanity, we say it was a horrible nightmare, the world ended. We can’t talk about it in the sense of science because it does not appeal to humans. But using a story works- using an impersonal volcano is very effective- it really explains humanity and people still write, paint and talk about Prometheus today. 2. Aeschylus’ Prometheus a. Put yourself in the minds of the people who saw this play and you are a farmer and do not have a whole lot. No entertainment and things that we have today. May not even be able to read.
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October 2 Prometheus - Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus...

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