October 9 Alcestis and The Spirit World

October 9 Alcestis and The Spirit World - Alcestis and the...

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Alcestis and the Sprit World Herakles is most closely connected to the Underworld. The archtypal figure who travels to Underworld and returns. He is the only one who come back and is successful. And he is the only mortal who achieved divinity. There is still part of him who lives in the Underworld even though he is immortal. His spirit lives in the Underworld. He is the union between mortal and Devine. Barber and Barber’s Underworlds For the Ancient Greeks, the Underworld, it is where you go when you die and it is the exact reversal of the way things are on earth. In a real sense, the dead go underground but also if you look in the mirror or water, you see the reflection, which is the underworld. To the extreme, everything is the same as earth, just opposite (right = left). For structuralist, you can see how this theory explains how a character who can go between two worlds. B and B explain what happens with myth is that the story is really old and then is attracted to a significant figure, which is Herakles. Now, he is doing things that 1000 years ago he was not doing. He is then closely connected to this world of opposites and the resolution of two extremes and the representation of this theory. All other heros are depicted with Athena on their side, but for Herakles, he has Hermes by his side. Herakles Himself (before Alcestis)-refer to chart Picture-5 th century- red figure vase (figure color of clay and outline is the glaze) Cradle with Herakles (left in cradle) in middle with Iolaus (right in cradle). Alcamene is on the right running away and his father (amphy-goes to kill snakes but come sshort) is on the left In the middle is Athena(with a smirk) with a helmet to help herakles. Hera sent 2 snakes to kill Herakles a few days after he was born and soon as they show up, he kills
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October 9 Alcestis and The Spirit World - Alcestis and the...

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