October 13 Discussion of heroes and heroines

October 13 Discussion of heroes and heroines - without one...

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We will discuss the heroes Herakles and Jason, and the heroines Alcestis and Medea. Jason and Medea- He is not the real hero, Medea is. He got power because of her ways. Cant cross boundaries like Herakles. Why do we care about why Jason does when he never did anything heroic? Maybe realte to him more rather than Herakles. It establishes precedence for greek trade, naval. Why do we care that Jason is fro Iolkis? Pepole from this region will relate and be glad to hear of Jason. Ancestors in myths Alcestis and Medea They are both in love with their husbands. Medea sacrfices her childrens lives to punish him. Alcestis reason for dying is that she doesn’t want her children to live with a father, not
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Unformatted text preview: without one. If medea kills Jason, children will be exiled, become beggars and live a crappy life. They are both responding to love but with Medea, there is a perversion where love is turned into hatred. With Alcestis since she has sacrificed her self, everyone gets to live. Explore different aspects of love and this is one of Euripedes’ main themes. Love is not always explainable, can not control it, very powerful, divine force, immortal force, inexplicable force of love has willfulness. This force can not be explained with rationalism. Movie On reserve at UL. “Medea” Scene- Jason, Medea and Aegeus...
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