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October 16 Oedipus - Oedipu Continuation 10-16 Oedipus...

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Oedipu Continuation 10-16- Oedipus Rex (sight and blindness) Page 53- about sphinx Oedipus is sure of his ability to see what others can not see. Line 299-not Oedipus, only Tiresias Line 366- beginning of theme that Tiresias can see what Oedipus can not Line 412- Oedipus calls him a liar. Oedipus tried to justify that he was not there- he tries to get out of it. Tiresias serves the god of prophecy, Apollo. Also, healing and sickness. Contiues to prophesize. What Oedipus thinks is the truth and light is actually darkness. The change is the blinding of Oedipus and the readjustment of what he sees as truth versus darkness. Line 538-Oedipus can see the plot that Creon is cooking up with Tiresias but Oedipus is blind. Dramatic irony- audience knows. In a sense, the audience is a god. They can see human beings acting in a way that shows how blind they are. “How clear the picture is” Line 830-O does not want to know the day that he slept with his other and killed his father (watching backwards into the future). Oedipus has been guilty since he solved the riddle but he
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