October 23 Antigone

October 23 Antigone - Antigone There is a lot of evidence...

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Antigone There is a lot of evidence for the Theban Cycle. Ex. Thebes was supposedly sacked just before the Trojan War. Remember the 7 were succeeded by their sons who also led an expedition against Thebes- The epigonoi are the people who attacked Thebes and were successful. This is mentioned by Diomedes (son of Tideus) and Thenaloas (chariot driver-son of Kapaneus in the Iliad. Archeological evidence says that Thebes was destroyed fifty years before any of the others. If The Mycenean centers were destroyed after Thebes, it makes sense that Thebes was destroyed from internal conflict. In the catalogue of ships, Thebes is left out. It no longer existed when the siege went to Troy. Also, Evidence suggests that Thebes has a close connection with Phoenicia. So besides Geneological reasons, why is the Theban cycle told which we know is true? It is HISTORY, of the city and the people. But is this why Sophocles is telling of Oedipus and why is Aeschylus telling Seven Against Thebes? They would not have known
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