October 25 Iphigeneia

October 25 Iphigeneia - Iphiheneia at Aulis This play is a...

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Iphiheneia at Aulis This play is a really good example of context and this is just one interpretation of the myth. There are so many. The very basic form of the myth (part of the larger system of myth called the Trojan Cycle- myths concerned with Trojan war). Synopsis of myth0 The winds would not let Agamemnon’s ships sail because Artemis is angry and so I needed to be sacrificed for this to happen. There is no judgement if A is right or wrong. There is an implication. It is story about what went on. Euripedes makes us see the senselessness in the play. Overwhelming sense that war is not that important. But in the Iliad, people dying and fighting was a way of life and it had to happen. This is a simple myth but Euripedes wrote this play at the end of the Peloponnesian War- this is important because of the Context Euripedes was using, 427- (In Thucydides) A little town (Mytilene) on Lesbos revolted from Athenian rule and after many battles, the Athenians won and were trying to decide what to do. Upon the arrival of
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