October 31 Agamemnon

October 31 Agamemnon - Agamemnon Werewolves- power of...

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Agamemnon Werewolves- power of comparative method Myth as science or myth as interpretive system The theory is that in the world around us there are so many things we encounter that we do not understand and we need some kind of a framework to fit them into to understand them- thus the myth for the people who do not have a scientific method. If we want to understand something, you have to look at myths that involve what you want to know. He interprets myth the other way around- not a way for people to understand wolves but wolves provide a way to understand themselves. They are good to think with. Uses wolves to understand forces in human society. They provide a good way to understand the conflict between wild and civilized, lone and social. Stories about werewolves not because humans try ti understand wolves but by observation about what wolves do humans can understand what they do or do not do. Look to outside world to understand the inside. This shows up in the Agamemnon and Oresteia. In the Iliad, lions are there in many instances. See where they show up again in The Agamemnon, hundreds years later and we see how these are working. Also, fire/ light. In the Agamemnon, he sees the beacon that he has been praying for for ten years. From this point forward, light and fire show up again and again until the end of the Eumenides. The last one is a torch precession. Light symbolizes hope, a false hope at that. But in the end, the hope is fulfilled. A Fury represents this force in human society that engages people to do payback/revenge/
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October 31 Agamemnon - Agamemnon Werewolves- power of...

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